Message memory on Nokia phone (S60V3)

Nokia has given an option to choose location for message storage in their most phones. That mean you can store all your SMS, MMS and Emails to either on phone memory (internal storage) or on memory card (mass storage). This feature is useful to most users because generally in most phones internal memory is about 40-250MB, on the other side u can expend memory card upto 16GB in some models.

There are negative sides of this feature. If you have more than one memory card and you swap them frequently, you should not select your message storage location on memory card. In some forum I saw some user said choosing message storage location as memory card might slow down phone’s performance. But I personally I didn’t noticed the same.

How to change message storage location

Go to Messaging > Option > Settings > Other. Select Memory in use

 While changing the memory you will get two prompts

In first prompt phone will ask you if you want to copy all your messages current storage to new storage.

In second option phone will ask you if you want to keep the messages in old memory or erase them.

If you press yes in this two options, all your messages will be copied to new memory and erased from old memory.

Switching back message memory

While changing message memory in use if you choose yes in both prompts, all your messages will moved to selected location naturally. But in most cases don’t.

The point

Most time while changing message memory to use you doesn’t get those two prompts because somehow file structure in available or get created on both memory and while you changing the memory, phone not detecting that memory as new memory. There are some reasons for this.

· While changing memory you pressed No in any of those prompt, so the structure remain in old memory.

· You have removed memory card while you message memory was set on memory card and phone created structure on the default location.

Understanding the file structure

In older phones (S60V2) messages are used to store in C:\system\mail or E:\system\mail.

In new phones (S60V3) messages are used to store in C:\Private\1000484B\Mail2 or E:\Private\1000484b\Mail2. There is a file index in any of this path. It an important file, this file contains index of all your existing messages.

Moving messages while you are not getting prompt for copy all messages to new memory.

There is a commonly known way of moving messages from a memory to different memory. Use a file explorer application like x-plore and just copy n paste Mail2 folder including all files to the same location on other memory.

I found a way to restore back those prompts while changing memory and I found this much easier.

For example your messages are stored in memory card and you want to move them to phone memory but you are not getting prompts to copy message while changing memory to use in message settings.

In this case use a file explorer like X-Plore delete C:\Private\1000484B\Mail2 folder with all included file, make sure index file also deleted. Now go to message setting and change memory u’ll get the prompts again. Same process while moving messages from phone memory to memory card. Just instead deleting C:\Private\1000484B\Mail2, delete E:\Private\1000484B\Mail2.


If you didn’t understand some part of this post please mention in comment.


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44 Responses to Message memory on Nokia phone (S60V3)

  1. jayesh says:

    is there any way to get those earsed messages…which deleted while changin my memory

    • Pilot says:

      Messages doesn’t get deleted while changing memory. if you deleted those messages manually you can restore your previous backup to get those message back

  2. Sajid says:

    with the file explorer there is not any way to get in the private folder, even with explorer we can not find the folders then how can we delete the Mail2 folder in C, we can do it with the E by connecting the memory card to the pc but as we talk about the memory of mobile we can do this then what can i do now,
    reply me with a technical answer.

    • Pilot says:

      With Unregistered version (free) of X-plore its not possible to access the content of some system folder (e.g Private folder). while connecting the phone with PC, E: show as a flash drive, so we can see, edit, delete any file and folder on E: (including system files and folders), but phone phone memory shows in PC only while we connect it in PC suite mode. In this mode only user files and folder are accessible from PC, not system files and folders.
      So as solution I can say either you have to get registered version of X-plore or try some other file explorer application on phone.

      • Ervin says:

        Hi Pilot. I bought v1.58 of the X-plore (fom Lonely Cat Games), but I still cannot access the private folder below c:\ on the phone. Which version were you using?
        I’m trying to move back SMS’s I’ve accidently (re)moved from my phone to the memorycard. Currently I’m not asked the questions regarding copying.
        BTW: Are e-mails related to Mail for Exchange also part of this folder structure?

      • Pilot says:

        Hi Ervin,
        I was using v1.56. With the registered\cracked version content in C:\private was accessible and my phone was also hacked.
        I haven’t used MfE that much but yes MfE mails are also stored in C:\private\…\mail2 folder. I noticed while using MfE, message memory automatically switching back to phone memory even when it is set to memory card and SMS in memory card were still in memory card.

        This phones comes with backup options either you can backup phone memory into memory card or connect with PC suite and make backup. Always remember that… few times those backups saved me from losing very impotent information…

  3. Ahmed Eid says:

    hi ,
    i have the complete “mail2” folder from my 5800 xm . the prob is i have 3000+ sms. the “INDEX” FILE got currupted and deleted. is there a way to “remake ” or “restore the index file ?? a software or anything ?? please reply

    • Pilot says:

      Sorry man, I didn’t get time to experiment with the condition you mentioned. I hope you kept regular backup of your phone using PC / OVI suite or phone’s internal backup. just restore your phone to the date before this issue happened.

  4. sara says:

    i Complete apply your method All done well but messages not shown in my inbox ,and i cant found any message in my message box. my mobile is Nokia N73 . please help me if you can.

  5. sara says:

    My all messages in computer and i copy many times on memory card and also in phone memory by using x-plorer 1.56 . but still nothing show

    • Pilot says:

      How did you copied messages from phone to computer, through PC/Nokia suite backup or just copied whole C:\Private\1000484B\Mail2 or E:\Private\1000484B\Mail2?

  6. sara says:

    i copy complete folder of mail2 to memory card then save to computer,

    • Pilot says:

      Hey Sara,
      Just copy Mail2 folder from computer to E:\Private\1000484B\Mail2 (memory card location). From messaging settings change message memory to memory card and you can see all messages.

  7. Pilot says:

    Hi Sara, as from your comments maybe I understand your problem. I need to reproduce the problem I think it will take some time, currently I’m busy with something, as soon as I get some free time I’ll try it out.

  8. OSD says:

    Thnx bro, this was what i wanted 😡

  9. attara says:

    thanx must hack ur 4n before doing this it is a very good very very helpful post… Keep it up

  10. Kedar says:

    I have a complete backup of of MAIL2.. but index file could not be copied as it was corrupted. Because of corrupted index, phone wasn’t allowed to use anything from memory card. so had to delete that index file.
    Not My question is how I could restore all those messages in MAIL2 folder. All messages are not visible even if Message Memory is set to “Memory Card”. Those are important messages.
    Need your kind co-operation for a good solution.

    • Kedar says:

      Hi Pilot,

      Any Solution for my Problem?


      • Pilot says:

        Hi Kedar,
        I tried to simulate your issue by switching message memory to SD and copy all messages to new location then deleted index file in SD from computer.
        I noticed phone doesn’t let you copy, move or delete index file when it is active. Without index file messages are no longer exist. If index file is doesn’t exist in proper location, phone will delete any remaining files and folders and create new mail2 folder structure including a new index file.
        Sorry, in this case I don’t know any way to restore old messages unless you have backup in SD card or on pc.

      • Kedar says:

        Many Thanks Pilot.
        The problem in short, I have all messages backed up on computer (Proper structure of mail2 folder). The only thing needs to be created is rebuild Indexfile by any means, So phone could use the same & starts reading messages.
        if we could create indexfile we can copy complete mail2 folder along with indexfile &
        Phone would read messages from memory card.

        Utility/Software either should help us creating indexfile on computer or directly on phone.


      • Pilot says:

        Hi Kedar,
        Symbian message storing procedure looking too complicated, I searched on google and found some posts about rebuilding index file, but no proper or tested solution

      • Kedar says:

        Hi Pilot,

        Thanks for sharing this info.
        Almost all posts I have gone thru earlier. Most of the posts/threads have typical question but not correct answer. Also tried that OSM method but it could not help though.


  11. manish says:

    thank you so much for sharing this information on the web . May god bless u with the best of wisdom in your life – I am delighted
    actually i moved mail2 folder unknowingly to some other location,got the index & everything back.
    If you can help me on one more aspect that is quite often message appears memory full on my e72 phone despite 25% of the space available on phone memory. how should i handle this aspect ? is there any utility which can help me in maintain the free space on the phone or any other way to handle this issue. ( kindly note i am using the latest soft ver 091.004).
    Is there any cc cleaner software availbale for symbian phones to remove unwanted files from the phone like how we use cc cleaner for our computers. I believe if there is any utility to remove the unwanted files or temp files it can help us in this regard.

    Thank you once again- God bless U
    kindly advise

    • Pilot says:

      Hi Manish,
      Glad to see your comment. I still using my old Nokia E63, I noticed sometime memory full message appears when I try to open messages and have around 2000 – 2500 messages, in that case I restart the phone and it works fine again. But on E72 even with just fewer messages memory full message appears often, E72 have some firmware related bugs, I think it is one of the bugs.
      I never needed to use any utility to free up memory or remove temp files, whenever something goes wrong restart method works fine for me 😀 so I’m not aware of any utility like Ccleaner for symbian.
      Btw don’t forget to keep regular backup of phone memory with PC/Nokia Suite. Backup saved me many times from losing data.

      • manish says:

        ok – thank you.
        If u come across any utility for this issue. kindly update me..

      • Pilot says:

        Okay I’ll update you if I came across some utility. But this days I’m much into Android rather than old Symbian. 🙂

  12. kenneth but says:

    if i accidentally deleted folders in E:/private/1000484b/Mail2, will i ever get them back again? is there a way to recover deleted folders which contain my precious messages? pls help …. 😦

    • Pilot says:

      Sorry man, there isn’t any way I know to retrieve deleted items unless you have kept backup using Nokia suite or manually copying files to pc. 😦

  13. Ejab Abalone says:

    Hi pilot
    i have 1000 unsent message stocked in my outbox, how to erase them altogether. I don t want to erase 1 by 1, it would take hours. thanks
    i tried to switch storage to memory card, it didn t allow me. on PC suite the folder outbox appears empty. txs

    • Ejab Abalone says:

      sorry, i m using E 63, great for working.

    • Pilot says:

      Hi Ejab Abalone
      Sorry for late reply. It’s surprising still lot of people using S60 phones including myself 😛
      You can delete all your messages by going to Options > Mark/Unmark > Mark all, then Options > Delete or press the delete button. phone would take some time to delete 1000 messages and phone might freeze for a while. don’t try to do anything else while messages are being deleted.
      Cheers 🙂

  14. shehzad says:

    the folder mail 2 i checked in this folder all inbox deleted msgs no sent deleted msgs where can i find sent msgs ?

  15. Michael says:

    Hi, thanks for the post! I’ve used a cracked version of X-plore, as well as ActiveFile, but both fail at copying the index file (but they can copy the other contents of mail2). Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!

    • Pilot says:

      Surprised to see still using in 2017 :))
      If the index file in use you can’t copy, move or replace it. in that case you have to change the Memory in use option to something else
      Suppose you want to copy C:\Private\1000484B\Mail2\index then you have to select memory in use to SD card.

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