Important role of thermal paste

I actually I wrote this article on 6th June 2009. I forgot to post this on my blog, so I’m posting this now 🙂
Most people knows that there is a paste like special compound used between the computer’s processor and heat sink to feel the gap between them and transfer processor’s heat to heat sink smoothly. This paste is called thermal paste or thermal compound. This paste is used in many other electronic devices where some electronic components inside it must need to maintain temperature level.
My Experiment
From many days I wanted to know how much important the role of thermal paste. So I wanted to make an experiment myself. My computer’s processor heat sink gets very dirty so I disassemble it for clean up besides that I also get the chance to do my experiments. I studied forum posts, articles and watched Youtube videos about it.
First I cleaned the old paste layer completely with rubbing alcohol and reassemble the heat sink without putting something between them. Run the computer, CPU temperature raised 80-90 degrees.

I heard many people say tooth paste can be used instead of thermal paste. I know it’s a completely foolish idea but I liked to test this idea too. I put little tooth paste between the processor & heat sink and run my computer; CPU temperature instantly raised more than 100 degrees and I turned off the computer immediately. There is no substructure for thermal compound so people don’t go for such stupid ideas.

Again I cleaned both processor and heat sink surface and finally applied the thermal compound on processor and reassembled. Run my computer and surprised to see the result CPU temperature dropped to 50 -60 degrees.
At last understand how important the role of thermal paste is :D.
Some advice
People don’t try to do such experiment. Removing and reassembling processor and heat sink many times could damage your processor and motherboard.

  • Before applying new thermal compound layer must need to clean old layer completely from processor and heat sink.
  • For cleaning use isopropyl alcohol and micro fabric.
  • Must reapply the thermal compound every time heat sinks reassembled.

About Pilot

I am a geeky guy, like to study and experiments with computers, mobiles other gadgets. I watch science and traveling channels. Love to listen music and watch movies.
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