Nokia Custom Dictionary

Nokia has included advanced T9 dictionary (Predictive text) with auto completion feature in there new devices. Auto completion is very useful and save some time while typing large messages & emails or editing documents or even chatting. sometime we use some words or short forms of words, specially when type SMS or chatting. Eg: your – ur, have – hv, don’t – dnt. This Predictive dictionary has a function to store those commonly used word which not exist in dictionary.

sometime this auto completion gets little irritating, when some words get stored in dictionary which we no longer needed, but those words came in auto completion while typing, for example once i typed a date “20/10/2009 in Predictive on mode and it get stored, after that whenever i was typing “2” in Predictive on mode that date automatically got inserted.

Once i was browsing through the applications on Nokia Beta Lab. There i found an application: Nokia Custom Dictionary and installed on my Nokia E63 and using it till now.

Nokia Custom Dictionary is a really useful app. for me. while on road in hurry i typed many thing which get stored in predictive but i don’t need those later, this app. give me ability to delete those words. it also has some more useful features like you can made your own custom list of words, can export and import that list and also you can share that custom word list with other people. so if you do a lot of typing on your Nokia Symbian device, you may also found this app. useful.


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