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Visitor tracker is a little program or script which tracks the number of visitors and their activities on a site. Though it is not much needed to having a visitor tracker on my blog, because the current traffic is almost nothing. Still I thought to add a tracker just for experiment ;). There was many providers offering such service, I chose Google Analytics service. Adding the service to the blog was very easy, though I didn’t understand it at first. It was just adding a little java script in blog’s code. Truly saying I’m not that good at programming, so whenever I see those code scripts I get tensed. Yesterday after I paste the tracker script on blog it was showing some error while I tried to generate report, I thought I might not able to do it properly; so I live it there. Today I realize it took some time to generate the report. Now the service is working properly. I found some interesting fact about Google Analytics like I can make schedule to automatically delivery of report to my email. Also there are some more facilities Google analysis provide but currently I don’t need much more, maybe someday later I will write my views about those more features they providing.

From today’s report I found a very special person visited my blog whom I invited. I’m really thankful to that special person, who took little time to pay a visit to my blog.


About Pilot

I am a geeky guy, like to study and experiments with computers, mobiles other gadgets. I watch science and traveling channels. Love to listen music and watch movies.
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