My new i3 system

Our old computer (desktop) had some hardware fault due to some miss use. We have used the old computer for four years almost extremely, but the configuration was not made for extreme usage. We thought repairing the old one could be expensive, also the old one have not much power to run the latest applications. So we decided to make a new system. Our budget was around INR 15k. Along with other purpose gaming was also included. Though we are not hardcore gamer, still to run the new games a powerful system must needed. And our budget was very little to make a standard gaming system.

I was interested with new hardware like Intel i series processor ddr3 RAM and my brother was interested in onboard graphics. In our pervious motherboard it had onboard ATI X200 series graphic, which made many applications and games to run properly without an additional graphics card.

It was quite difficult to choosing the proper hardware, if we find two parts compatible then the other parts became incompatible. We visited many shops at Chadni market area to know the prices of different configurations and compare between them. After some discussion with some sales man finally we make a suitable configuration within budget.

Intel DH55TC i3_530 Boxed

Configuration was like

· Processor: Intel i3 – 530

· Motherboard: Intel DH55TC

· RAM: 2GB DDR3 – 1333Mhz

· And a standard chassis with 500w SMPS

Other parts like hard disk, monitor, keyboard, DVD writer etc.. We had on old system.

we bought the parts and came back home. I assembled the and run. First run was shocking, I found everything in system working but it’s not starting up. After some investigation I discover somehow the BIOS configuration jumper fall off, I put it back in and system starts up properly.

Processor and motherboard came in a binded pack. We didn’t knew why it was binded pack. Later from product review I find out Intel made a new technology in there i series processor. Processor has a built in graphics which will only work with a comparable motherboard. also I found out fro reviews DH55TC is a media series motherboard made to run HD contents. Performance in gaming isn’t very impressive, still it’s not too bad.

Now I have to find out how new on CPU graphics really perform.


About Pilot

I am a geeky guy, like to study and experiments with computers, mobiles other gadgets. I watch science and traveling channels. Love to listen music and watch movies.
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