Old computer as NAS

My old computer left untreated all this days. Yesterday I thought to detect the issues and if possible solve it. So I completely disassemble it and cleaned. After some testing I found a minor fault with CPU cooling system, which I fixed within few minutes and make the old system running again.

Now what to do with the old system!!! Currently I have much powerful computers than the older computer running and other essential components for a standard computer like monitor, keyboard etc. are connected to the new computer. Currently it’s not possible to buy another pairs of those components to run the old computer. Although selling is an option but in this cheap electronics market selling second hand means big loss, unless a stupid person who willing to pay much money for the old system.

So currently I decided to use it as a NAS (network attach storage), though making a server with single 80 GB hard disk is quite useless and unnecessary because my other computers have plenty of storage. Mainly I made the server for experiment and server doesn’t need a keyboard and monitor to run.

As NAS OS I used FREENAS, stripped down version of FREEBSD. FREENAS is really awesome. It supports lots of services and protocols and it used very little system resource. It can even run from CD/CF/USB. Currently I am running it from CD and using a memory card from my old phone to store the configuration files. Now I’m using just few services offered by FREENAS like SMB, Bittorrent, uPNP. There are more services but I don’t know what they do or how to use, so now reading about those services and doing some experiments. Maybe in future I will upgrade the space and use RAID. Or use the old system for other purpose or just sell.


About Pilot

I am a geeky guy, like to study and experiments with computers, mobiles other gadgets. I watch science and traveling channels. Love to listen music and watch movies.
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