PC suite and OVI suite…. my views

Ever since I started using Nokia smartphones, I’m using Nokia PC suite to manage, sync, backup my phones with my pc. Now Nokia has a upgraded suite – OVI suite. In many sites, blogs and forums I read about peoples view and comparisons, finally I came up with my views about this applications.

looks (interface)

PC suite have a simple interface, cover a small part of my screen, on the other side OVI suite has a fancy looking rich graphical interface, that big interface covers most part of my pc’s screen.

Main screen

PC suite displays some useful information like battery meter, memory meter, recent SMS, calendar entries in main screen. Ovi suite home screen also displays contacts, messages, photos and music. While point mouse over them , they slide beautifully. But I didn’t find it any useful.


Although Contact management is almost same in PC suite and OVI suite. PC suite still have fields like older phone used to had. Field section has been updated in ovi suite .


PC suite have it’s own calendar management interface. From Nokia communication center I can make new/edit/delete appointment, task, memo directly on phone’s calendar. Ovi suite doesn’t have such feature yet, so need to use a PIM application (e.g. Outlook) on PC and have to sync them with PIM application.


PC suite and OVI suite both have the feature to create, read, reply, forward message from pc. Ovi suite has a advantage in messaging section it shows SMS in conversations , same like shows in IM applications. Also has a option to create smart folder/filter for messages. It filters messages according to defined criteria.

While deleting messages from PC suite it directly delete messages from phone. OVI suite have 2 section for message, device and PC memory. while sync messages it makes a copy of all messages in pc and while deleting messages I need to delete messages from both location separately. If there is a option to choose from where I would like to delete e.g. from PC/ from device/both, that would be better.


Along with sync PIM (e.g. contacts, calendar & task, notes) PC suite also has a option to sync files, like a briefcase. This is a useful feature for me, I often use some office files (e.g. .doc, xls, ppt), from my phone or from pc, by file sync I can have same, up to date version of files in both locations. Ovi suite doesn’t have this feature yet.


While phone connected with USB, PC suite shows notifications for new message, incoming call, battery low. Incoming call notification also give option to receive/reject/response via sms option. On the other side ovi suite also shows notifications for new message and battery low but incoming call notification not available yet.

Making calls

While phone connected with USB PC suite let me make calls to my phonebook contacts directly from pc. It would be better if I could talk and hear using pc’s microphone and speakers. Unfortunately this feature is only useful while I’m using a headset/handsfree. Ovi suite doesn’t have this feature yet.

Video converter

PC suite have a feature to transfer video. While transferring videos from pc to phone it convert videos suitable for playing in phone. OVI suite doesn’t have this feature yet.

Map & software updater

Pc suite needed to install map updater, map loader and software updater separately like Add-ons/ standalone app. Ovi suite have those built in.

OVI Cloud

Now everything is moving to cloud computing. OVI suite has option to sync contacts, photos with my online OVI account.

Few weeks ago I tried to download map updater and software updater. Every time Nokia site was redirecting me to ovi suite download section, it seems Nokia want all users to move to ovi suite.

I think before making all users to use ovi suite Nokia should consider those features and functionality they have already putted in PC suite and make the ovi suite more stable and suitable to all types of users.


About Pilot

I am a geeky guy, like to study and experiments with computers, mobiles other gadgets. I watch science and traveling channels. Love to listen music and watch movies.
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