Weight Machine….

I travel through metro rail for long time but never noticed those weight machines on the platforms that way, maybe because stations are usually crowded most time and trains are frequent.

If you stepped on the machine and put a two one rupee coin in it, it will give u a ticket with your fortune and weight printed on it. When I was younger I took my weight on such machine few times.

Yesterday while I was getting ticket a train just passes by. After getting ticket when I go down to the platform there was just few people waiting for the next train. I usually get on the first compartment of train, so I walked to the opposite end of platform. While I was walking across the station I noticed those weight machines and remembered many days ago a friend asked my weight and I told her an average, because I haven’t took my weight long time.

There was four machines on platform, last one was near the place, where I usually stand and wait. So I pass by three machines and thought to took my weight no that last machine. On that time lots of people entered on platform from other side. While I was near the machine a person stepped on the machine so I stand beside, then few more people came behind him and make a little queue. One after one three person took there weight, and then the train shows up and I leave on it, my wish was not fulfilled. Maybe someday later I would try again.

I feel that funny and surprising, rarely sometime I saw some person stepped on those machines but just the time I thought many other people thought the same.


About Pilot

I am a geeky guy, like to study and experiments with computers, mobiles other gadgets. I watch science and traveling channels. Love to listen music and watch movies.
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